Derek writes: You may have heard of ARK, Acts of Random Kindness. It is an initiative to encourage us all to think & act in kind ways to those we meet or intentionally go out of our way to be nice. Flowers to a neighbour or total stranger, allowing motorists to go first, … [Read more…]

On the beach.

Derek writes: “ Beach Holidays “ We have been away to The Gower in South wales for a beach Holiday. Thankfully we were blessed with good weather and enjoyed just that, 4 full days on the beach. The simple pleasures of digging in the sand, exploring rock pools, playing games, swimming in the sea, chatting … [Read more…]

Summer flowers

Derek writes: Seven years ago now we decided to create some new flower beds to provide summer colour in the Churchyard. Three beds on the West side of the Churchyard were marked out, dug over and sown with a wild flower mix. We continued with this strategy until this year when we decided to plant … [Read more…]

Prayers answered…

Derek writes: St. Margaret’s Church has organised 2 events over the past fortnight. A Churchyard market and a Storytelling afternoon. Would anyone come along to these events? We did our bit with posters, banners, emails & social media. But would people turn up? My prayer was that we would raise at least a £1,000 and … [Read more…]

Telling stories

Telling stories, we all have a story to tell if not a myriad of them. Jesus used parables to make a point and 2,000 years later we still remember them, from the Good Samaritan to the Prodigal son. This Sunday at St. Margaret’s Church ( 3.0 p.m. ) we have James Skillicorn, a retired teacher, coming … [Read more…]