The Ides of March

Derek writes:Beware the Ides of March said a soothsayer in BC 44 and the rest was history for Julius Caesar. ( ‘O” level English literature). The 15th March is an important day in the Shurvell household, with a birthday and the date we use to measure whether the season is early, late or par. At … [Read more…]

Jackdaws in the Belfry

Derek writes: Jackdaws are hard working and persevering. They have been at St. Margaret’s  for years if not centuries. They are keen to get in to the Belfry to make their nests, thus any opening has to be securely covered with mesh to let air in and sound out. Over the decades the Jackdaws had … [Read more…]


Derek writes:I trust you were able to indulge with plenty of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Like cream teas, I never seem to eat enough of them throughout the year. How are you going to spend Lent, this period leading up to Easter ? Traditionally we are encouraged to pray, fast ( give things up ) … [Read more…]

musings on iron railings

Derek writes: We begun cutting the Churchyard grass this week, probably the earliest we have started. Not for the first time I mused over why the metal railings were left around only one of the box tombs, many of the others had railings originally but were removed during WW 2 to be melted down for … [Read more…]

Uncle Tom

Derek writes: We said good bye to my Uncle Tom this week, an honorary Uncle (as we called them all Uncle and Aunty back in the day ) He had a good innings, aged 93.Through our childhood years my family holidayed with his down in South Wales. Many fond memories were layered upon layer, year on … [Read more…]