Baptisms and Thanksgiving services (for babies, children and adults).

When a new baby arrives it’s natural to want to celebrate this special event with family and friends, and to say ‘thank you’ for the wonderful gift of a new life.

If you are thinking of baptism  or a thanksgiving service please contact The Rev’d Heather Wilkin on 01342 529 047 or

Alternatively please complete this form for the baptism of a child, and here for the baptism of an adult and we will contact you.


Attendance at a Baptism preparation meeting will be required prior to booking the baptism. These are held a few weeks before the service..

To book a service of baptism we ask you to call into the Church to pick up a leaflet and a letter about the Baptism Preparation meetings. Please contact Mthr Nicol to arrange to visit.

Service of Thanksgiving.

A Service of Thanksgiving provides an opportunity for parents and families to give thanks for the birth or adoption of a child and to pray for their family life. If parents wish to recognise the role of supporting friends, they can be invited to stand with the parents at the thanksgiving. The child is first named and blessed; we then pray for them and for God’s help and blessing for you in the raising of your child.

By choosing a Service of Thanksgiving for your child, you enable them – when they are older – to decide for themselves whether they would like to be baptised.

A Service of Thanksgiving can take place during a Sunday morning service, or in the afternoon.


How many godparents?

There’s no particular rule, but for infant/child baptism it’s usual to choose up to 3 godparents, not all the same gender, to take the vows on the child’s behalf. The godparents must have been baptised as Christians themselves and be people who will be a good moral and spiritual influence on your child. They should be people you know very well, who will remain in close contact with the child as they grow up, and who you would confidently put your trust in to take good care of your child in your absence.

When will the service take place?

Baptisms involve being welcomed into the Church family, so we encourage baptisms to happen within the main Eucharist service at 10am.  However, if you would prefer a service at 12.00 noon on Sundays, or on an alternative date and time, then please do ask and we are very happy to discuss the options.

How much does a baptism cost?

There are no fees for a baptism service, but you can of course choose to make a donation to the church.

I don’t live in the parish of St. Margaret’s.  Can I still have my child baptised there?

Baptisms normally take place in the parish where you live, but if you have a connection with this parish (for example you were married or baptised here) we will be happy to arrange for the service to be held here. The Vicar of the parish where you live is asked for their good will in the baptism taking place at St Margaret’s, and Mthr Nicol can explain this further.

Can I be baptised as an adult?

Certainly – there’s no age limit, and we love to welcome adults into the Christian faith in this way! Adults are prepared for baptism and confirmation to happen at the same time or shortly one after the other.  There is a preparation course for adult baptism, so please speak to Mthr Nicol.  The best place to start is by coming to Sunday services regularly and be certain of your decision.