St Margaret’s and All Saints are just two of many lovely churchyards in the Diocese of Chichester, known for their peace and tranquillity. We understand that you may want to create a permanent memorial for your loved one. In order to preserve the timeless beauty of our lovely churchyards, there are, however, some rules about what can and cannot be placed in churchyards.


Legally, permission is authorised by the Chancellor of the Diocese, but the Chancellor has delegated certain powers to the Vicar, who has to abide by the regulations. The regulations include restrictions on the type, size and design of memorials/plaques, lettering, and also the placing of flowers, vases and other items on graves. Memorials, plaques or crosses of any kind cannot be placed in the churchyard (including the Garden of Remembrance) without permission.


Please talk to the Vicar before placing an order for any memorial in order to avoid any misunderstanding at this difficult time.