Lantern making workshop

Derek writes: Lantern making. After bulb planting last week, the 2022 bulbs are now all safely underground, our attentions move to lantern making. This is an activity for everyone. Willow withies, masking tape, glue & tissue paper some time and you will have created a lantern. We will provide the materials, you provide the time. … [Read more…]


Derek writes: What an excellent gardening week, dry, still and pretty sunny, perfect and just right for bulb planting these past 2 days. On Friday the 3 top classes from the village school came and planted at least 8 each, amounting to 750 bulbs. On Saturday 20 or us planted a further 1.000 with 300 … [Read more…]

2022 bulbs for 2022

  Derek writes: “2022 is fast approaching and it won’t be long before we are celebrating 70 years of Queen Elizabeth 2nd on the throne. What are we going to do individually and collectively to mark this tremendous achievement ? How about planting 70 trees, volunteering for 70 hours or cooking 70 cakes to be … [Read more…]


Derek writes: “Apples, how we love them, their shape, colour, smell, taste & texture, they are good for you too. I recently visited the National fruit collection at Brogdale near faversham in Kent. A treasure to behold. Hundreds of different varieties, just like Noah’s Ark, 2 of each. My ear’s pricked up with the following … [Read more…]

Autumn leaves

Derek writes: Autumn has arrived. What a contrast between Friday and Monday. The wind started blowing and the leaves have begun falling. It creates much honest toil, raking, clearing and filling up compost heaps. I measure rainfall and keep a keen eye on the weather but I don’t have a date for the start of … [Read more…]