Derek writes: “Apples, how we love them, their shape, colour, smell, taste & texture, they are good for you too. I recently visited the National fruit collection at Brogdale near faversham in Kent. A treasure to behold. Hundreds of different varieties, just like Noah’s Ark, 2 of each. My ear’s pricked up with the following … [Read more…]

Autumn leaves

Derek writes: Autumn has arrived. What a contrast between Friday and Monday. The wind started blowing and the leaves have begun falling. It creates much honest toil, raking, clearing and filling up compost heaps. I measure rainfall and keep a keen eye on the weather but I don’t have a date for the start of … [Read more…]

Creativity and Compost

Derek writes: Some things are free. The love of God and compost. We now have a simple system working at St. Margaret’s Churchyard. . 2 bins made out of pallets are positioned under the Big Yew tree, see pictures ( taken in the spring ). Green material is put in the bins and then 2 … [Read more…]


Derek writes: This Sunday we will be celebrating Harvest. It is a special time when we remember the physical gifts our good Lord provides for us and give thanks to all the farmers near and far who grow our crops. In return we decorate the Church as a visual aid, bring fruit & veg we … [Read more…]


Derek writes: On Friday & Saturday of this week ( 10 a.m. – 4.0 p.m. ) at St. Margaret’s Church is the lockdown Arts & Crafts exhibition entitled Celebrate. Do come along and see what folk have been up to during the past 18 months. As a gardener I have pretty much worked outside as … [Read more…]