A letter from the Palace!

Derek writes: Before the Coronation, Children from St. Margaret’s Sunday Club, wrote acrostic prayers for the King and coloured wooden hearts for the King & Queen.We then sent them to Buckingham Palace, a very easy address to write.10 days ago we then received a signed card from the King & Queen and a letter from … [Read more…]

No Mow May

Derek writes: This is the second year for this initiative, where you leave your grassy areas and don’t cut them for 4 weeks and see what happens.You may discover that all sorts of wildflowers come up and you like the look or not as the case may be so you immediately cut it and get … [Read more…]

Churchyard Working Party

Derek writes: The Churchyard Working Party meets monthly on the first Monday of the month from 2.0 – 4.0 p.m.Our objective is to work on jobs which wouldn’t get done as part of the Churchyard maintenance schudule.Last Monday seven of us did just that and completed many tasks, as you can see in the photos.Thank … [Read more…]