Light Party

Derek writes: “What is a Light Party ? At this Autumn time of Halloween ( 31st October ), All Saints Day ( 1st November ) and All Souls day on the 2nd it is good to take stock and remember those who have gone before us, particularly Saintly people and Jesus the light of the … [Read more…]

The A-Z of Gardening.

Derek writes: Louisa Reed and I ( both members of St. Margaret’s Church ), run an after School gardening club at the local primary School.Our aims are to enthuse young people about the joys of gardening, by chatting and doing. Together, but mainly with Louisa’s writing skills we came up with a rhyming gardening poem … [Read more…]

A letter from the Palace!

Derek writes: Before the Coronation, Children from St. Margaret’s Sunday Club, wrote acrostic prayers for the King and coloured wooden hearts for the King & Queen.We then sent them to Buckingham Palace, a very easy address to write.10 days ago we then received a signed card from the King & Queen and a letter from … [Read more…]

Easter Hope Apple

Derek writes: On Good Friday 20 of us gathered at Sharpthorne Hall to mark this special day when we remember the death of Jesus on the cross. We made Easter Hope Apples a Good Friday equivalent of the Christingle, a familiar symbol of our Christmas celebrations. The Apple tells us a story. The Apple is … [Read more…]