Nearly there! Jubilee update.

Derek writes: We are nearly there, bunting is up in the Church porch, are we ready to celebrate and give thanks for the Queen’s Jubilee and village life? Updates. Thursday 2nd June Beacon lighting at Finche Field. Begins at 9.10 with lighting at 9.45p.m. ( official time ). With Piper, British Legion, Scouts, flags and … [Read more…]


Derek writes: Last Friday, the School Children enjoyed a Jubilee Day. Dressed in Red, White & Blue their lessons were supplemented by a special Jubilee picnic on the Recreation Ground with games and activities,an extra Jubilee Assembly followed by the distribution of Commemorative mugs to every child, a day to remember. Thank you again to … [Read more…]


Derek writes: In 2 weeks time we will be in the throws of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. Let us thank God for a wonderful Monarch who serves others before herself, let us pray for good weather and that the events planned for our Parish are successful and bring people together and initiate new and lasting … [Read more…]

Good Friday

Derek writes: Good Friday, what an amazing day we have had today in 2022, beautifully warm sunshine, the majestic Oaks leafing out, Cherry blossom and the Power of the cross no less diminished. One side of the coin points to a terrible day when we remember Jesus’ awful death by Crucifixion, a method of capital … [Read more…]


Derek writes: Last Autumn, bulbs were planted by the School children and members of the community at the School  and Churchyard. Five months later their joyous colours are spelling out 70 years of Queen Elizabeth on the throne. 2022 bulbs were planted in the Churchyard, many thanks to our sponsors:  the Bonfire Society,The Churchyard Trust … [Read more…]