Dodge Ball and Pancakes

At the end of February Emmaus enjoyed a sugar fuelled evening of football, table tennis and youngsters cooking and eating their own pancakes.  At the first March meeting of Emmaus Club we played the ever popular dodge ball. A fun packed game of throwing, catching, dodging and trying to hit your opponents with the foam balls. We … [Read more…]

Pancake Party at the Sharpthorne Hall.

On a rather inauspicious evening, after a power cut and wintry shower the pancake party continued as planned. 30 or so children & adults played pancake tossing games ( with wraps ), musical pancakes ( like musical statues ), enjoyed various craft activities and then tucked into over 100 pancakes with either savoury of sweet fillings. … [Read more…]

Emmaus Manhunt! 31st January 2020.

On a misty damp evening we went up onto the Ashdown Forest at Hindleap to play manhunt. The rules are: A small group hide in a designated area and then the others have to find them (preferably without torches), and hide quietly with them until everyone has found them. As you can imagine hiding in bracken and … [Read more…]

Emmaus Spring Term – Volleyball, cakes and Toy Story 4

Emmaus Spring Term started on 10th January with an evening in West Hoathly Village Hall  of volleyball, hanging out and decorating cup cakes with all manner of deliciously rich butter icing, sprinkles & toppings. The materials had been kindly prepared by one of the Youth Leaders. The following week, 17th January, we moved to The Sharpthorne … [Read more…]

Emmaus Night Walking and Emmaus has got Talent.

Friday 22nd November. Night Walk An activity I really enjoy and hopefully the youngsters likewise. We walked down from Sharpthorne Hall into the Gravetye Woods, looping around in a big circle and back again. A chance to have a good chat, slip about and get muddy Emmaus Talent Show, November 29th. A relaxed evening with the … [Read more…]