Weddings, Dedications (Blessings), Thanksgivings and Renewal of Marriage Vows

A marriage ceremony is a public declaration of your love and commitment to each other. If you would like to be married in the parish of St. Margaret’s and All Saints, please fill in an enquiry form: click here

Someone will contact you, but if you wish to discuss your plans, don’t hesitate to contact The Rev’d Heather Wilkin on 01342 529 047 or

In choosing to be married in church, you are – in effect – inviting God to your ceremony! God cares about you individually and as a couple and wants to be a part of your relationship. In the service, you make vows in the presence of your family and friends – and of course, God – to commit to each other ‘till death us do part’; and we also ask God’s blessing on you as a couple and pray for you. The church celebrates your love and commitment and wants to support you in your life together.

Couples will be required to attend a Wedding Preparation meeting with the Vicar before your wedding, at which you will talk about Christian marriage, your service, and plan all aspects of it.

There are also other services to fit different circumstances, including a Service of Prayer and Dedication (sometimes called a ‘blessing’) for couples who have had a civil marriage ceremony in the UK or abroad and want to have a church service afterwards, or a Thanksgiving for Marriage for those who wish to renew their marriage vows.

We could say a lot more here, but there’s an extremely helpful website at Your Church Wedding – so we suggest you have a look there, then contact our Vicar to discuss your plans.

Frequently asked questions…

Neither of us lives in the parish of St. Margaret’s or All Saints’.  Can we still get married there?

Until the passing of the 2008 Marriage Measure, either bride or groom had to be resident in the parish in which they wanted to marry. But now you can ‘qualify’ to marry if you have certain connections with the parish. Please contact us for details.

One of us is divorced. Can we still marry in church?

The Church of England teaches that marriage is a life-long commitment; but we recognise that, sadly, some marriages do fail. A divorced person may re-marry in church under certain circumstances. Please contact us for details.

How much will it cost?

Although most Church of England services are available with no charge, fees are payable for a Wedding service, Banns of Marriage, and a Marriage Certificate. The figures are available in the national table of fees, though payment is usually made through the local church. The parish also sets its own fees for other items such as organist, verger, flowers and bell-ringers. Please contact us for all fee details.

What about civil partnerships?

At the time of writing the Church has no role in blessing Civil Partnerships, though this is a developing area.