We will remember them

Derek writes:  We will remember them. The humble Poppy is such an evocative flower, particularly in a Churchyard and near a War memorial. Last Autumn we planted 2022 Spring Bulbs for the Queen’s Jubilee, these flowered well and were much admired. They were then followed by grasses, Ox – eye daisies and Field Poppies which … [Read more…]

Churchyard Working Party

Derek writes Churchyard Working Parties usually happen on the first Monday of each month from 2 – 4.0 p.m. It is an opportunity to get extra jobs done and look at the Churchyard with fresh eyes. This Monday I would like to thank i) Bill & Richard for scraping & cleaning paths. ii) Andy for … [Read more…]

Christian Aid results

Karen writes: An update the funds raised during Aid week.  In terms of amount raised… When we counted the donations, we put the coffee morning, road-to-road collection and the school donations all in together – this all totalling £469.08 (including Gift Aid).   With Mthr Nicol’s epic bike ride raising £1628.00 (plus £342.50 in Gift Aid) it brought our … [Read more…]

Nearly there! Jubilee update.

Derek writes: We are nearly there, bunting is up in the Church porch, are we ready to celebrate and give thanks for the Queen’s Jubilee and village life? Updates. Thursday 2nd June Beacon lighting at Finche Field. Begins at 9.10 with lighting at 9.45p.m. ( official time ). With Piper, British Legion, Scouts, flags and … [Read more…]