Sussex in May

Derek writes: It has been said many times, “ No finer place to be than Sussex in May “. What a delight to live in such a beautiful place.The acid, moisture retentive soil enables a wide variety of plants to grow and flourish.Please enjoy the photos below, Rhododendrons, Azaleas and earlier purple orchids. Do get … [Read more…]

Mud, glorious Mud!

Derek writes: “My offering this week are 2 delightful spring bloomers. Clematis Armandii 30 feet up a Sweet Chestnut tree and Elizabethan primrose. In passing the rainfall total over the first 2 months of 2024 is 12 inches, twice the usual amount. Mud, mud, glorious mud” as Flanders and Swann would sing (but fortunately no … [Read more…]

Take time…

Derek writes: “There is a lovely phrase, “ Take time to smell the roses “. I give you “ Open your eyes and look around.” Blue sky pictures from Wednesday afternoon (taken by Gary Coxall) in St. Margaret’s Churchyard. The night skies’ have been good too. Take time to stand and stare, who knows what … [Read more…]

Taking the rough with the smooth

Derek writes “As gardeners we have to work outside in all weathers, good & bad. My theory from record keeping and anecdotal observations is that it only rains for less than 10% of our working days. Wednesday was damp but no so wet. We were tasked with cutting down & digging out brambles which had … [Read more…]

Scented winter shrubs

Derek writes: At the School’s gardening Club we have been talking about winter flowering shrubs. These include, Winter sweet, Daphne and winter flowering Honeysuckle ( Lonicera fragrantissima ).Today, Saturday I read an article in this month’s RHS magazine about how winter flowering shrubs had inspired a prospective young gardener. The shrub in question was Edgeworthia … [Read more…]