Autumn tones

Derek writes: Look out for those special Autumn moments when the stunning colours of fading summer meet the vivid clear skies and light of incoming winter, like the sky on Saturday and the moon likewise. How about these pictures taken by Gary Coxall at Courtlands last Thursday of a Ginkgo tree. You have to capture … [Read more…]

Box moth

Derek writes “Last Monday we had the monthly working party in the Churchyard here at St. Margaret’s Church. It was well attended with 11 of us including David Dale visiting his parents from Austin, Texas.Our task was to cut down the boundary box hedge which has been killed by the Box Wood Moth caterpillar. As … [Read more…]

Box caterpillar

Derek writes: The Box hedges and shapes in the Churchyard have been devastated by the Box Wood moth caterpillars.To such an extent that they will have to be removed in the Autumn.Collectively we will then have to decide whether we replant with something else or leave blank.What happens is that the Moth lays its eggs … [Read more…]

July’s working party.

Derek writes: Thank you to the eight people who attended the Churchyard Working party today ( Always the first Monday of the month from 2- 4 p.m.). A lot was achieved. Weeding the gravel edges, cleaning headstones, pruning an overhanging fig, raking grass, clearing an overgrown grave, tidying a Holly trunk and bagging up all the … [Read more…]