Derek writes: How are we all feeling this morning? Yes , Yes , Yes. England have made it to the final. Our 7 year old son Thomas, watched to half time. I look forward to seeing his face when he watches the short highlights on the BBC shortly. Enjoy the day and don’t forget to … [Read more…]


Derek writes: Do you have a special blossom tree, which reminds you of a loved one, childhood, a special place or is just simply magnificent ? A fortnight ago this ornamental cherry was in full bloom in the Churchyard. It was initially growing in a garden in Horley ( owed by Judi De lang ) … [Read more…]

Sponsored Walk 2019

Weirwood Walk. Thank you to the 7 participants who walked around Weirwood in October. Nicol sent us off with a Blessing which warded off the rain until we had finished. As anticipated, it was a lovely walk with secret views and vistas of beautiful countryside around Weirwood. We also managed plenty of chatting which included … [Read more…]

Harvest Festival 2019

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this year’s Harvest Festival by collecting or donating items or decorating the church.  Our collection of Harvest Gifts increased this year and we were able to distribute sixteen harvest boxes within the parish,  nine Bunches of Flowers, four Crates to  Crawley Open House and four Crates to East Grinstead Food … [Read more…]

Highbrook’s new boundary stone

Molly Cooper writes: HIGHBROOK MARKS ITS BOUNDARIES Thanks to the enthusiasm of local historian, John Ralph, the missing boundary stone that marks the Highbrook boundary to the north, has been reinstated.  The new stone was provided by Philpots Quarry, part funded by John.  Philpots kindly offered to carve the wording ‘HD 1882 No. 2’ on … [Read more…]