Highbrook’s new boundary stone


Thanks to the enthusiasm of local historian, John Ralph, the missing boundary stone that marks the Highbrook boundary to the north, has been reinstated.  The new stone was provided by Philpots Quarry, part funded by John.  Philpots kindly offered to carve the wording ‘HD 1882 No. 2’ on the stone. The other boundary stone, located at Ludwells on Cob Lane, is ‘HD 1882 No. 1’.

The new stone, near Grovelands on Hammingden Lane, was blessed by Mother Nicol Kinrade, and set in place at midday on Monday, 26th August on Highbrook’s annual ‘Family Fun’ day.  


This was followed by the Highbrook traditional ball-rolling competition down Hammingden Lane between Grovelands and the Highbrook Village Hall playground – a distance of about three-quarters of a mile, which seemed a long way in the Bank Holiday sunshine.

After all this activity there was a sharing picnic and games, in the playground opposite the Village Hall.  The shade of the horse chestnut tree was much appreciated on such a hot day.

Thanks are due to John Ralph, the Philpots Quarry, Peter Browne and the All Saints’ Parochial Church Council for their efforts in reinstating this ancient stone.