extension update

***Update 21st August  Our total’s reached £217,000!!! ***   From Trevor Swainson: As outlined in our previous updates, we are now entering a quiet period of fund-raising although, behind the scenes, work is continuing on grant applications.  This can be tedious and time-consuming but the end result of being awarded another grant makes it all worthwhile. … [Read more…]

Grenfell Tower

Our thoughts are with all those who have lost loved ones or are still searching for missing friends and family. In this time of crisis we give thanks for the bravery and self sacrifice of our first responders. For everyone affected in any way in the Grenfell Tower disaster… we are praying for you all. … [Read more…]

Churchwardens’ News – Surviving the Interregnum

Margaret Watson writes:  Surviving the Interregnum Interregnums are never a piece of cake! It can be a frustrating and challenging time – but it can also be a time for us to learn – to keep our church and faith strong – to enjoy supporting, welcoming, encouraging friends, neighbours and visitors to our churches . … [Read more…]

The Sharpe Memorial restoration project

Tim Baker writes: Richard Cook the Conservationist is doing a grand job and has nearly finished the Sharpe Memorial restoration on the Church Hill steps.  A couple of photos taken last week also show the maker’s name which has just been uncovered ~ Bennett of Brighton.  We think this was covered up during World War … [Read more…]