Did you know?

Derek writes: Did you know that Monday to Friday it rains for 5% of the time and thus 95% of the time IT IS DRY.
As a gardener I work outside all the time and take quite an interest in the weather and rainfall in particular.
This past year, after dry weather for the first 8 months the last 4 months have been extremely wet with an annual total of 36 inches 943 mm which in fact is just above average. I also record when it rains during the week ( not weekends ). Each day is divided up into half, so per month there are roughly 20 working days thus a total of 40 possible counts. If it is raining enough to put a coat on, that counts as one. On average in 2022 we had 5 counts per month, ie 12.5%. Given that for some counts it only rains for 15 minutes I am going to make the bold statement that it only rains for 5% of the time. Much to rejoice about, particularly for gardeners.