Derek writes:

Today we prepared Christingles for our Service tomorrow ( Christmas Eve @ 3.0 p.m. ). Thank you to those who turned up to help.Christingle celebrations have been taking place for over 50 years in the Uk but the original idea originated in 1747 at a  Moravian church in Germany. The minister came up with an inspired thought to use an Orange to represent the world, a candle as the light of Jesus Christ, a red ribbon the blood of Christ shed for all and 4 cocktail sticks to show God’s bounty and the 4 seasons. A wonderful visual aid encapsulating the Christian faith. A big thank you to The Cat pub for supplying the oranges and a parishioner for the sweets.
Please give generously to the collection which will be taken in aid of the Children’s Society. A Blessed & Holy Christmas to you all.