Maundy Thursday – St Margaret’s link to Jerusalem.

Derek writes: This evening I was asked to create a “ Garden of Repose” in the South aisle of the Church.
This is to provide a visual aid for our vigil on Maundy Thursday evening when we remember Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane before he is arrested.
The offering is centred on an upturned tree stump, a couple of bushes on a grass bed with a collection of rocks.
A neighbour was wandering in the Churchyard, saw me and asked what I was doing.
I invited him in to see and he questioned where the stump was from.
This is the wonderful link.
I remembered that the stump is from a dead Cupressus sempervirens ( Italian Cypress ) which grew in the Churchyard here for many years.
However it was propagated from a seed brought back from The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem!
A special place, where we remember Jesus’ crucifixion, burial and glorious resurrection.