extension update

***Update 21st August  Our total’s reached £217,000!!! ***  

From Trevor Swainson: As outlined in our previous updates, we are now entering a quiet period of fund-raising although, behind the scenes, work is continuing on grant applications.  This can be tedious and time-consuming but the end result of being awarded another grant makes it all worthwhile.
In June, we finally breached the £200,000 milestone as a result of a number of generous donations from the Foundation Stone Appeal.  This Appeal generated some £16,000 of donations and commitments and, once Gift Aid is claimed, this will increase the total to around £20,000.  We are most grateful for these donations so far and we hope that many others will respond to take our total from this Appeal to the £50,000 target we have set ourselves.
At the end of June, our fund had reached £207,000. This is a magnificent achievement and we are truly amazed that so much has been raised from the local community and from other sources.  Every donation, every fund-raising event, large or small, is adding to our total as we inch towards our ultimate target.
To remind everyone, our target was £300,000 but we think it prudent to set the bar a little higher to allow for unforeseen increases in costs so the final target is set at £330,000.  In a perfect world, we might have a surplus but that is one worry for the future.
We are optimistic that work can start on the extension and its allied works in early Spring 2018 with the completion date being in late Summer 2018.  We will not commit to any significant expenditure until we have all of the money either in the bank or committed.
We hope that everyone can continue to support the extension project to bring much needed and, indeed, essential facilities to the church building.

Trevor Swainson